Hello. Welcome to Sum & Substance. Chances are, you ended up here because you know some cool dude by the name of Zach Blumenfeld. That's me. I have been designing graphics for print and web solutions for about 10 years now. I work for Abex Exhibit Systems as a Design Director and I'm also a bass player for the band Culprit, so you will find my portfolio here to be a mix of design for music merchandising, business and product branding and identity, show posters, 3d rendering and trade show display design. Outside of the design world, I have a major love for coffee, whiskey, pizza, all things music and traveling... Also always willing to trade services and help friends.

Skills: Graphic Design | Branding/Logo Design | Print Design | 3D Rendering | Web Design | HTML | CSS | Javascript

Software: Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / inDesign / Dreamweaver / After Effects | Cinema 4D | VectorWorks


Music Exhibits Logos

Music Merchandise / Posters


I'm pretty good at returning e-mails, so hit me up to discuss your project.